Ulysses S. Grant in China

Adventure Series Blazes Trail Through History

Seal2A prince of the Benin Kingdoms fights off a vicious attack …

a girl who first discovers the cultivation of plants murders a rival …

a boy takes revenge on the outlaw who took his family’s lives …

These and other adventure stories are available to young readers in the full collection of stories, “Ulysses S. Grant in China” from author Tom Durwood. The fiction may not suit every reader’s taste — the stories tend to include shootings, poisonings, swordplay and treachery. The stories feature a wide range of historical settings, from a violent battle over succession in the African Benin kingdoms to a young bookkeeper who gets pulled into a murderous plot in 17th century Amsterdam to revenge in a cowboy saloon. Readers of Louis L’Amour and Robert E. Howard will find themselves in familiar territory.

“Ulysses S Grant in China” is the keystone of this initial collection. The story looks behind the scenes of the American President’s meeting with Viceroy Li Hon Zhang in 1879 Tientsin. While his reputation has suffered at the hands of historians, Grant was a hugely popular international figure in his own time. Civil War fans may enjoy seeing this depiction of what might have been, as the Chinese Viceroy and the American President join forces to solve a land dispute with Japan.

The USG ebook offers readers ample visuals — the author commissioned twenty-two illustrations. “I am very happy the illustrators have been able to use details from the period to bring the story to life,” says Durwood. “I keep staring at Angela Sung’s stage designs and Kirk Shinmoto’s landscapes and Edmund Liang’s compositions. Good stuff! They have really captured the spirit of the stories. We will commission more art, for sure.”

Ulysses S. Grant in China & Other Stories includes:

Origins of Civilization & The Jade Necklace

Murder Among the Ancients

Origins of Civilization
The first woman to plant seeds encounters a deadly conflict with her tribe’s hunters. (Tigris-Euphrates Valley, 10,000 B.C)

The Jade Necklace
Young thieves vie for treasure among the debris of the falling High Maya empire. (Yucatan Peninsula, 900 A.D.)


Surprise on a Morning Patrol

An African youth wants to become a warrior, like his father. He finds that passage to be far more violent than he imagined. (Benin Kingdoms, 1580)

The Caliph's Gift

Assassins in the Dutch Revolt

The Caliph’s Gift
A misfit clerk in a crooked shipping agency finds an unexpected ally in a foreign dignitary. Their partnership is born in bloody intrigue. (Amsterdam, 1621)

Saloon Reunion & Love Triangle in the High Sierras

Tales of the California Territories

Saloon Reunion
The culmination of a six-year pursuit ends in gunsmoke and splintered glass. (California Territories, 1870)

Love Triangle in the High Sierra
When cattlemen descend on peaceful grangers, a marriage proposal is put off. (California Territories, 1870)

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