Historical Fiction

by Tom Durwood

Ulysses S. Grant in China

& Other Stories

These and other adventure stories are available to young readers in the full collection of stories, “Ulysses S. Grant in China” from author Tom Durwood. The fiction may not suit every reader’s taste — the stories tend to include shootings, poisonings, swordplay and treachery. The stories feature a wide range of historical settings, from a violent battle over succession in the African Benin kingdoms to a young bookkeeper who gets pulled into a murderous plot in 17th century Amsterdam to revenge in a cowboy saloon. Readers of Louis L’Amour and Robert E. Howard will find themselves in familiar territory.

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The Boatman's Daughter


This adventure takes place during the construction of the Suez Canal, a rich juncture of commerce, culture, empire and intrigue. The powerful mechanics of that process and the underlying cultural forces of that time and place are used as critical elements in the plot and theme of the story, not in the background simply as a setting.

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The Colonial

In the tradition of Esther Forbes’ Johnny Tremaine, The Colonial starts small, with a pact made among five school-mates, then widens to depict intrigue on three continents, ending with the birth of the American republic.

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